ITRON India Pvt. Ltd.

Water Meter

Residential Singlejet Water Meter 

  • Class B Singlejet Water Meter for Residential Applications
  • ISO 4064 compliant
  • Available in size DN 15-20mm
  • Plastic rotatable extra dry register
  • Pre-equipped option for communication
  • Direct magnetic transmission
  • IS: 779: 1994 approved

Multijet Velocity Type Water Meter 

  • An EEC approved / ISO 4064 complaint Class B Multijet velocity type water meter
  • Available in size DN 15 and 20
  • Proven reliability of the extra dry register
  • No parts of the register are in contact with the water passing through the meter
  • Pre-equipped for communication
  • Easy reading with rotation close to 3600 on site
  • Option for plastic / copper register
  • Optional for IP68 protection class register

Residential, Industrial and Commercial Multijet Water Meter 

  • Class B Multijet Water Meter for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • Available in sizes DN 15 to 50mm
  • EEC approved / ISO 4064 compliant
  • IS: 779: 1994 approved
  • Plastic rotatable extra dry register typical of multi-jet technology, with the long-term reliability
  • Class B in horizontal position body in brass painted reliability
  • Pre-equipped for communication
  • Direct magnetic transmission

Woltman Meter for Water Distribution 

  • EEC approved / ISO 4064 compliant Horizontal Woltman Meter for Water Distribution Applications
  • Available in size DN 50 to 500mm
  • Hermetically sealed register (copper can/mineral glass envelope)
  • High flow-rates enduring capacities
  • Wife sealed metallic cap equipped with lockable lid is available as an option for harsh environment
  • Interchangeable approved mechanisms without recalibration
  • Pre-equipped through Cyble as a standard