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Booster System
Q: 3 M3/HR., H: 50 M, T: 400 C


MH Booster system maintain the even water pressure in all the outlets. The system consists of multistage pump, pressure switch, pressure guage, Y-Strainer and pressure tank. As the Y-Strainer included in the system, the entry of foreign particles are avoided and thus the system life is extended.

When the pressure drops to the pre-set level, the pump will start-up and meets the demand.When the pressure attained its maximum pre-set pressure, the pump will be switched off. By this automotion, even water pressure is ensured in all the outlets of a residential building, industries, hotels, hospitals,schools, apartments and bungalows.

Key Features and Controls

  • Control of pumps by means of pressure switch.
  • Inbuilt thermal overload protector.
  • Lesser running cost than the conventional systems.
  • No manual interference to operate the plumbing system
  • High operating efficiency
  • Factory tested system and supplied as package

Operational Limits

Liquid temperature up to 90oC
Power ranges up to 1.1 Kw with 'F' Class insulation
Hydraulic performance :
     Flow upto 12m3/ hr
     Max pressure 5.0 bar