B.E. Pumps Pvt. Ltd.

Self Priming Pumps
Type : "A" High Head


  • Transfer of Liquid Containing Air or Gas
  • Boiler Feed
  • Transfer of Oil, Industrial Water Supply, Sprinklers, Car Washing etc.
  • Various Marine Applications

Technical Data

Capacity Max. 880 L.P.M.
Head Max. 260 M.
Speed 1450 R.P.M.
Temperature Max. 600C for Standard Pump Max. 1000 for Hot Water Pump 'H'
Suction Lift Max. 8 M.
Rotation Clockwise when looking from drive end. Anti-Clockwise in 'RR' Pump.


Suction Cover
Pump Casing
Stuffing Box
Close Grained
Cast Iron
Shaft Stainless Steel
Shaft Sealing Gland Packing
Special Materials also Available


  • Horizontal, lateral channel, self-priming design for continuous operation handling clear liquid free from any suspended particle.
  • Suction and Delivery branches are vertical and flanges are round. Counter flanges are provided with BSP thread.
  • Grease lubricated ball bearings are provided.
  • For special applications mechanical seal can be fitted.